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About Old Time Medicinals

Old Time Medicinals came about over a period of 2 years. It first started out with Dr. Michael Kudlas trying to help some of his patients suffering from chronic pain. Medical procedures had failed and the patients had basically been thrown away by the medical profession, being told "You'll have to learn to live with it." Having heard about some oil preparations from other companies, Dr. Kudlas began to experiment and came up with his first formulation - Sciatica Oil. It was a combination of Peppermint, Helichyrsum, Oregano, and Wintergreen carried in an Apricot seed and sweet Almond oil mix. It worked pretty well and many of these patients gained relief.

Dr. Kudlas found, though, that people were not afraid of using the "Sciatica Oil" on other things that hurt. Soon patients were telling the Doc about how well the oil worked for their bursitis, knee pain, back and neck pain. Almost any pain associated with joints &/or muscles was relieved by the oil. Briefly he changed the name to Nerve oil, but then realized his patients were using this oil on every hurt and boo-boo they had - and with good results! He got to thinking about the days of yesteryear in the Wild West when "snake oil sales people" would roll into town and peddle their Doc So and So's Snake Oil that was good for everything and anything.  These "snake oil sales people" usually made a killing and then quickly left town before the next sunrise. Rest assured - we won't be leaving town on you. We're here to help.

Well, that's how Dr. K's SNAKE OIL was born. And it's been helping people for over seven years as a constant beneficial remedy for sore joints and muscles for people of all ages.

Since then Dr. Kudlas (who is a Chiropractor, by the way) has continued to formulate one successful product after another for people just like you.  Old Time Medicinals takes you back to a slower time - a time of natural, quality products, made to the good old fashioned way - by hand - in small batches - so the quality and purity of our products can be maintained. Old Time Medicinals products are formulated by Dr. Michael J. Kudlas. Dr. Kudlas has developed the soaps, body shampoos, massage oils, body lotions and his famous Dr. K's Snake Oil product line from careful observation of what he wanted to use as an alternative to today's artificial, harsh, chemical products.  He believes that healthier products contribute to a healthier people and therefore a healthier world.

"Old time Medicinals offer a healthy choice to people. The oils are pure and natural - with historical healing properties - and they are designed to work naturally with our bodies, not against them - for our health," says Dr. Kudlas.

We provide a unique way - by using essential oils - to enhance your health. They work with any alternative care you may presently be doing and are safe for your children and pets when used as directed.  Essential Oils have been a cornerstone of health since biblical times, for thousands of years around the world. Yet in our Western world we have managed to forget the natural, holistic herbs and plants our Maker gave to us for healing. Old time Medicinals brings that wisdom back to you and your family.  

Old time Medicinals may seem like they cost a little more than store bought products and they should! Only the purest natural essential oils are used - no artificial, imitation, or adulterated items here. Each essential oil is hand mixed - drop by precious drop - into each batch. Each batch is made in small quantities (never more than quart at a time) to insure the quality Dr. Kudlas demands. "I'm proud of the quality of old time Medicinals products, and I am sure you will be happy with the products and the results they produce in you and your family."

Old Time Medicinals - remedies from yesterday to help you today.